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It's free to join. Introductions cost nothing.
You create a business card and from there we manage everything for you.


Here's how it works

1You create your business card

You join by creating a business card within our system. This tells us more about you and your business. This business card is your account profile.

2You tell us who you want to meet

In your account profile area you complete basic information about the type of business contact you want to meet.

This area is a chat function, automated so you "talk" to the platform - it's clever!

Everything within this section is private between you and us.

3We introduce you to other members

Your business card and your instructions as to who you want to meet, allows the platform to seek out suitable contacts from our member list. You will receive an email from the site when an introduction is being suggested.

You then accept this offer of being introduced, and the introduction is formalised.

Your business card and their business card are then exchanged within your account area. Now, you are ready to start discussing how you can work together.

What are you joining?

A worldwide community of business people who want to help each other, meet each other and work to mutual benefit.

The121Platform is different to other networks in many ways:

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There is no public profile

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There is no chat, public forum, advertising, selling or hassle

The site drives new contacts to you, people who you will want to get to know, meet and who you can work with.

Join to get introduced to new business contacts, and access to our unique shop.

What happens after you have joined the site?

Once you have joined The121Platform you get access to tailored introductions and our unique shop.

1Introductions and Referrals

You can sign in whenever you want and work with the platform to get introduced to new business contacts without the time usually required to make and develop new contacts and business connections.

2Your Account

We are proud of our sophisticated platform, where your data is kept secure and nothing is made public.

You are able to manage your account with no technical skills through our totally intuitive account management.

3121 Shop

Get access to unique courses, business ideas and services, support and special offers.

Simply join, access your account and get all of these invaluable benefits working for you immediately

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